Everyone at your wedding is there for a reason. To celebrate you! That's why I will give you pictures that that show the importance of all the special relationships in your life.

     Your wedding day is the among the most important days in your life so naturally you want it to be memorable. With this in mind, it is important to look at what you're going to remember most about your wedding. While you will remember your dress, your suit, the food, the party favours, the bouquet and your hair the one thing that you will remember forever is the quality time you spent with loved ones! They're the people that will gladly stop their lives for one day to come celebrate with you because it's just that important. This is why the sight of them moves you to tears. You love everyone in your circle of family and friends for a different reason. So I will take pictures that capture the induvidual importance of these relationships!

     When you sat down to make a list of all of the people you were going to invite– each time you thought of a name that name was tied to memories. These memories triggered emotions that forced you to conclude that having this person with you on your wedding day was very important. That is why the name of the business is "True Story" because I make it my mission to photograph an acurate image of the people and personalities you surround yourself with.They are part of the true story that is your life!

"All I can say! This guy is amazing! He really gets an idea of the kind of shots that you're wanting for your wedding, and he hits it spot on! There wasn't a single picture from my wedding that I didn't like. He catches all kinds of moments, whether serious, intimate, or just silly. The pictures are very real, and absolutely amazing!"–Kelly S

"He's definitely dedicated to getting the pictures of the right moments you want to remember and the moments you didn't know you wanted. Artistic eye. Easy to work with! I definitely do not regret having him as my wedding photographer!" –Amanda A

"Elijah was really considerate of the images that I wanted, but also really creative and got so many photos that are amazing that I wouldn't have thought to get otherwise. He is fun and friendly, but keeps everyone on track (which was hard to do with my rowdy wedding party). The images are beautiful and I couldn't have asked for better." – Tracy H