true story

True Story

"All I can say! This guy is amazing! He really gets an idea of the kind of shots that you're wanting for your wedding, and he hits it spot on! There wasn't a single picture from my wedding that I didn't like. He catches all kinds of moments, whether serious, intimate, or just silly. The pictures are very real, and absolutely amazing!"–Kelly S

"He's definitely dedicated to getting the pictures of the right moments you want to

remember and the moments you didn't know you wanted. Artistic eye. Easy to work

with! I definitely do not regret having him as my wedding photographer!" –Amanda A

"Elijah was really considerate of the images that I wanted, but also really creative

and got so many photos that are amazing that I wouldn't have thought to get

otherwise. He is fun and friendly, but keeps everyone on track (which was hard to

do with my rowdy wedding party). The images are beautiful and I couldn't have

asked for better." – Tracy H

About me: 

I was born and raised in a small urban town in central New Jersey

called South River. As simple as it was, my favorite thing in the

world to do as a child was to watch people. On the street, passing

my apartment building, in local shops and restaurants–nothing

fascinated me more than watching people interact. I truly believe

that is why I became so very fascinated with Photojournalism and

storytelling at a young age. From the first time I picked up my

father's old Polaroid up until now I've been obsessed with

photography. I've always been involved in the field in some way.

I've been a "wet" photographer directing the coverage of dolphin

interactions in the water. A studio photographer where my images

won me second place in a national contest. An imaging specialist

for Canon. And recently I was excepted into the ranks of the

Wedding Photojournalist Association. Unless otherwise directed,

capturing your special day as authentically as possible is my is my

top priority.